For Professionals

1. Buy the 3Axis data logging Gaussmeter for magnetics FIRST – $199.95 A494

2. Buy the 3 Axis RF meter  SECOND Р- or get a RF POWER METER which is good for higher ranges of 3.5 gigahz  for dual band routers and DEC phones Р#434

3. Electric meters come last, shield by grounding. You can buy a Trifield or separate electric meter. The Trifield has a 60HZ version or a Flatmeter version for 120 HZ otherwise the signal is twice as strong (#150-60, or #150-flat)

4. For clients who want to hear sound, a GAUSSMASTER $34.95 single access device is good (lesser is the K2)


Stetzer filters must be purchased in-country for different voltages