Earthing or Grounding

‘Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?; This book talks about the problems of EMF exposure, provides some brief tips for how to minimise your exposure and then focuses on ‘grounding’ as the best way to minimise any problems caused by high levels of EMFs.


I went out and spent $50 on a grounding mat before I had even got to the end of it.

People cut off from the electrical current of the earth for long periods of time develop all sorts of problems which are reversed by grounding, and studies have show the positive effects it has on sleep and also on red blood cells. The red blood cell before and after photos in the book are amazing as are the thermography images. At least some of the studies done were double blind as well.

The fact that trying grounding is either free or very inexpensive, very easy to do, low risk in regards to side effects (low-level healing reactions are possible but that is about it) and potentially mildly or very helpful for those battling illness and pain also helps. The main benefits described by the book from grounding are pain relief, reduced inflammation, a reset sleep-wake cycle, feeling calmer and a dampening down of the sympathetic nervous system and adrenaline surges, resynchronisation of cortisol release, protection from EMF radiation and the problems it can cause, relief of muscle tension and headaches plus speeded healing and prevention of bedsores. It can also help you cope with jet-lag.